Marg Pontin is a consultant, manager, educator and workshop leader offering communication training based on Dr Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication. Marg is one of only ten trainers in Australia certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Her expertise helps people minimise conflict in communication and maximise positive outcomes based on understanding the real needs of all parties.

Marg has worked in community development, disability and education and her 17 years in teaching spans primary, secondary and adult education. She is currently Principal at a non-government school in Albany.

Marg has trained nationally and internationally since 2004 with world leaders in nonviolent communication and mediation. She has presented workshops in nonviolent communication and self awareness to community groups, workplaces and educational organisations in regional and metropolitan Western Australia since 2004.

Marg offers customised training, residential workshops, small group facilitation and individual support and coaching.


"This training was an amazing eye opener. Marg listened and answered with genuine interest and enthusiasm. The training was down-to-earth and real, and I felt comfortable and connected and believed that what I said mattered." Jacki.