Marg Pontin offers flexible communication training tailored to suit client needs and ranging from four hours to six-day programs.

Bali Retreat: Mindful Connection

Following a successful debut in 2015, Marg is again offering a seven day  NVC and Mindful Connection Course in a residential retreat in Bali in April 2016. If you are looking for rest, reflection and restoration, join Marg (Talk Your Peace) and Louise (The Mind Movement)   in the leafy and serene Sama's Cottages in Ubud, Bali from Monday 11 April  to Sunday 17 April.

Download the Course and retreat flyer  and registration form with further details, or email Marg for more information.


Albany Summer Retreat

Come and enjoy some rest and reflection in an idyllic setting. Marg welcomes people who want to start afresh and also those who want to deepen their skills whilst living in a gentle community of NVC for three days.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn NVC with a small group of up to 16 other like-minded participants. Choose from a residential option or attend during the day. Together with friends, Marg offers participants the opportunity to learn and practise strategies to help:

• Recognise when our buttons get pushed, and change our typical reactions

• Identify and express our needs clearly so that we are more likely to be able to meet them

• Hear difficult messages without habitual reactions of rejection, hurt or blame

• Listen to others in ways that help them to find their own solutions to problems

• Find strategies that help ease conflicts

• Care for people without getting burnt out

• Experience more peace and ease in our relationships


Relationship Based Classroom

This session focuses on the needs of school teachers, administrators and school staff. The workshop will help you discover an approach to education that values emotional intelligence equally with graded performance by putting compassion at the centre of the classroom experience. Topics covered may include how to:

• Care for your own needs as well as the needs of students, teachers, administrators and parents

• Create partnership relationships based on mutual respect and cooperation

• Significantly reduce conflicts

• Speak and listen to students more effectively

• Know what to do when students say “no”

• Provide students with opportunities to identify and express their feelings and needs, and listen to those of others

• Help students to recognise how their feelings and needs motivate their actions

• Foster safety and trust in the classroom and in the school

The workshop is an interactive process of group discussion, small group activities and supported individual and group practice, using participants’ own examples where possible to develop fluency.


Respectful Parenting

A workshop for parents of children of any age. Here is a fresh, heartfelt approach to growing respect and co-operation in your family. We will learn ways to care for our children while also caring for ourselves. Enjoy support, safety and laughter as we explore together the everyday challenges of family life and learn new ways to approach them. Using puppets, pictures and play we will learn to:

• Speak in ways that foster cooperation and willingness

• Motivate without resorting to coercion or reward

• Hear the needs behind a child's "No!"

• Find creative ways to care for ourselves whilst also caring for others

• Prepare children to find their inner strength and values within school systems

• Grow in hope and inspiration


The Heart of Workplace Relationships

This workshop explores ways to create the sort of relationships we long for at work and at home. Using scenarios and real life examples, the workshop style is informal and activity based. We will use the tools of NVC to:

• Say more clearly what we mean when we have a difficult message to give

• Listen to ourselves with compassion

• Listen to others in ways that help them find their own solutions to problems

• Give and receive feedback with ease

• Quickly get to the heart of difficulties and conflict


For bookings and further details:


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